"As a graduate of The Curtis Institute of Music, a violinist in the Atlanta Symphony and a parent of one of Valerie Gardner's students, I am gratified to find for my son the same methodical attention to detail that I experienced in my years at Curtis. It is truly rare to find a teacher who is so adept at analyzing and correcting every detail of a student's violin technique. Her focus on tone production and exactly how we go about producing the focused violin sound is paramount in her method. The problems of intonation are addressed with correct positions of the hand, arm, wrist and fingers with appropriate exercises to that end. Her method teaches the student exactly how to practice and what to listen for. The foundation she provides for her students prepares them for a life of exceptional violin playing.

There is no other violin teaching guide of this magnitude with so much information in one place in modern language complete with audio and visual illustrations. This is a gold mine for a player, a teacher or a student because Valerie Gardner has assimilated so much information and made it easily accessible to all!"

~ Frank Walton, graduate of The Curtis Institute of Music, member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.


"Understanding how to use my instrument has been such a wonderful gift to receive! This method of set-up is clear, thorough, and efficient. It is exactly what I was looking for when I began teaching and realized my lack of knowledge to pass on the gift of the violin to others. I knew that my students did not have to produce unpleasant sounds, and I could sense that they were struggling with unnecessary problems due to tension and failure to be in control of their instrument. This step-by-step process has caused me to see that once certain skills are attained, violin playing is truly quite simple--and enjoyable. Teaching is now an exciting journey for me as I seek to help my students produce beautiful sound coupled with an understanding of what they are doing as well as ease in playing."

~ Rachel Blankenship, former student of Valerie Gardner, violin teacher in Indianapolis, IN.


"The teaching techniques and philosophies of Mrs. Valerie Gardner which are presented in this new DVD series, have captured my attention and full appreciation because more than any other 'method,' the teaching focuses on setting the player free to really play the violin beautifully. I am so grateful for these principles which have changed and are changing both my playing and teaching. My students are loving the wonderful results, too!"

~ Danelle Alexander, violin teacher from Anderson, IN


"How does one put into a few short sentences a description of teaching that has revolutionized a violinist? I started out violin with a will to learn and play, but unfortunately, I had started out with training from some teachers who really got me no where in violin. Through several instructors who really thought were helping me, I instead became trapped with tension which hindered me from being able to play beautifully with both my left hand and right hand. Providentially, through a workshop, I met Mrs. Gardner who immediately addressed these needs, and over many lessons, hours of practice, and lots of prayer, my left hand is no longer tense (my fingers can play fast!) and my right hand and arm no longer feel and sound weak. Strength and beauty is developing in my sound. Through the teaching that I have received from Mrs. Gardner, I have been set free in violin playing. Violin practice and performing has been made fun, easy, and beautiful, and you can experience these things as well by learning and applying well, the lessons and instructions given through these DVD's."

~ Cheri Cross, violin student from Colorado