• Building Blocks of Violin Virtuosity (Vol. 2: Bowing Basics)

    Violin Virtuosity

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    Volume 2 — Bowing Basics

    "Have you ever marveled at the enchanting and crystal-clear tone produced by Hilary Hahn and David Oistrakh?"

    Find out how you can emulate these masters in this easy-to-follow, interactive DVD.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Before and After Brodsky
    2. Bow Hold Observations
    3. Steps to a Natural Bow Hold
    4. Bow Manipulation Exercises
    5. Thumb Position and Bow Hand Position
    6. Bow Hand Support
    7. Position and Function of Right Wrist
    8. Bow Direction
    9. Height of Right Arm
    10. Upper-half Bows
    11. Lower-half Bows: Placement and Stopped Bows
    12. Stopped and Semi-Stopped Whole Bows
    13. Bow Changes
    14. Bow Changes at Frog
    15. Bow Changes at Tip
    16. How to Practice Bow Changes
    17. Closing Remarks

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