• Building Blocks of Violin Virtuosity (Vol. 3: Functional Fingers)

    Violin Virtuosity

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    Volume 3 — Functional Fingers

    In this exciting DVD in the series Building Blocks of Violin Virtuosity, you can reap the benefit of Valerie Gardner's many years of experience working with hands of all shapes and sizes.

    Find out how your left hand can execute passages with speed, accuracy, and the dazzling virtuosity taught to her by Jascha Brodsky.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Opening Remarks
    2. Finger Action of Left Hand
    3. Position of Left Hand
    4. Height of Left Hand
    5. Additional Exercises for Correct Left Hand
    6. Playing with Functional Fingers
    7. Five Exercises to Develop Functional Fingers
    8. Exercises for Overcoming Left-hand Tension
    9. Closing Remarks

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